Cris & Luka before the second half kicks off | 16.09.2014

I’m not going to talk anymore about the whistles (from the fans). I respect it but as a Madridista I would not whistle at Iker.
Sergio Ramos, after the match against FC Basel | 16-09-14
Iker Casillas is number 1. End of discussion.
Carlo Ancelotti


iker has dedicated his entire life to the bernabeu. he was the guy who showed his son the bernabeu and said, “Martín, esta es mi casa”

HOW can you whistle at that man

There were moments when I found Casillas after practice in the locker room crying. Whenever things go bad people blame him, but his love for Real Madrid gives him the strength to stay.
Sergio Ramos  (via ozils)

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Luka Modric During La Decima Celebrations asked by Anon

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You have that one player you would go to the end of the world for. You don’t care about his mistakes and what other people talk about him, you just love him no matter what and you know you always will.

If not, you’re a liar.

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